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Mountainview Blueberry Farm is located in the beautiful rustic community of Snohomish, Washington and is one of the best places in the state to pick your own blueberries and snap fantastic photos against a backdrop of sky-high sunflowers. The farm is nestled down low against a hillside and is framed by the ruggedly picturesque Cascade Mountain Range. Open from July to September each year, our 20 acres of farmland are sure to have you walking away with a bucket of berries, a bouquet of flowers, and a smile on your face. Be sure to plan a trip in August to take part in the special Blooms & Berries Festival where you and your family can take in the stunning view of vibrant sunflower fields & snack your way through our heirloom blueberry patch! Schools can choose from either of two field trip packages to experience loads of educational farm fun and still have each person get to take home their very own pint of fresh U-Pick blueberries!

Q What is the price of U-Pick blueberries per pound?

U-Pick blueberries are $3.10 per pound.

Q Can I pay with my check, debit, or credit card?

We prefer credit or debit cards over cash and do not accept checks. We are transitioning towards going cashless, and can provide you with a faster line experience and improve the safety of all involved when having a cashless transaction. Thanks!

Q Do I need to bring containers for my berries?

No, we supply you with picking cans and buckets and the boxes you need to take your berries home in.

Q What should I wear?

Wear sturdy shoes, as this is a real farm with live blueberry roots and live soil that are constantly on the move. Sunscreen and other protective clothing per your norm.

Q Can I bring my children?

Yes, Children are welcome. Please keep close track of them, as it is easy for children to become disoriented in a field of blueberry bushes that are taller than they are.

Q Can I bring my pets?

Please leave your pets at home as they are unable to go picking with you. Trained and certified service animals are the only exception. Please respect all the other customers on the farm and do not try to bring an emotional support animal onto the farm. Thank you!

Q Are your berries organic?

The blueberries are conventionally farmed using IPM (integrated pest management) practices to reduce the use of pesticides.

Q Do blueberries stain clothes?

YES! Blueberries definitely stain clothes, skin or anything else they may come in contact with!

Q Do you allow field trips on the farm?

Yes, with prior arrangement and booking! Please visit the Field Trips page on our website for more information!

Q During Berries & Blooms, is there a photography policy for professional photographers?

Yes, professional photographers and those using professional equipment, such as a Tripod and/or a DSLR Camera, are required to purchase a Photography Pass and fill out a Photographer Form.

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